The Story of Two- part 1

27. června 2013 v 21:37
toto je príbeh o dvoch postavách s nejasným motívom a náhodnou dejovou líniou. Nie je to ani poviedka ani rozprávka, je to akýsi nezaraditeľný príbeh v angličtine. "just a story" Smějící se

The Story of Two

The Story of Two
"Leave me alone, "she bade him go away with a waving hand, "I am talking to that bird. Do not you see?"
She pointed at the little black bird with a fresh orange beak.
"It's a thrush, anyway." Leonard made a useless remark and sighed, evidently bored. "Moreover, it's an illusion."
He clasped his hands and the bird disappeared. Only black ashes remained spattered in her hand as an evidence of its past existence. At first, she was confused but then stayed disappointed for a while.
"Do not mess with me, Leonard. I thought it was truly alive. I was sure I could hear him talking.
"Him?" he shrieked doubtfully, "it was only an illusion. See, Listener?"
He sighed again and made up two identical nightingales which sang a beautiful duet perfectly tuned up.
"One real bird in hand is worth two in the bush, see?"
Her face seemed confused again.
"I do not quite understand what you have just said."
She closed her eyes to hear him better.
"Do not make fun of me, Leonard."
"I don't. You're genuinely stupid. By nature, you know."
He didn't mean to hurt her, he was only sincere. As much sincere as she.
"By the way, why do not you ever call me by my real name, Leonard?"
"Why, why. Words are only illusions created round us. You're Listener, that's who you truly are. Why cover in foreigner's skin?"
"Why do you talk in riddles?"
She was little upset.
"You'd rather shut up and listen. Talking is definitely not your cup of tea."
She let herself fall onto the grass.
"Cup of tea? I would love to have one. Good idea. Let's have tea, Leonard."
"You mean real or real-like?"
It was an ordinary question. With Leonard one never knows.
She sat suddenly.
"Let's go down to the town. I am really thirsty."
So they went.



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