Listopad 2013

Preklady básne "Two volume novel" o láske

8. listopadu 2013 v 20:14 Básne
Preklady básne od Dorothy Parker.

1) originál:
"The sun's gone dim, and
The moon's turned black,
For I loved him, and
He didn't love back.

2) tento preklad je od neznámeho autora, napísaný na okraji stránky knihy.

Měsíc vyšel černý
Slunce zatmělé,
Protože já tě
A ty mně né.

3) môj preklad:

Potemnelo slnko, a
mesiac sčernel na popol
Ja som ťa ľúbila, a
zostal len bôľ.

Tell-tale heart

8. listopadu 2013 v 20:08 Poems
Tell-tale heart

In its somnambulist walks
the tell-tale heart talks,
spills its heart out,
on a rope it ties a knot
for a love that was not.
(more than a hope)

Crowd(y) morning

8. listopadu 2013 v 20:05 Poems
Crowd(y) morning
I hate this place
a frozen lullaby
a phony face
a phony smile
this empty heart of mine

Yesterday + Clashing

8. listopadu 2013 v 20:04 Poems
I won't long for yesterday
I'll manage with what I have today.


Fire to arms
Ashes to ashes
We live in a world
of constant clashes.

Voľný preklad časti básne "Prufrock"

8. listopadu 2013 v 20:01 Básne
Voľný preklad časti básne "Prufrock" od T.S. Eliota:

Tak poďme, ty a ja
Keď večer vystrie ruky k oblohe
Ako pacient ochrnutý na stole.
Tak poďme cez ulice spola spustnuté
Šepkáš mi - ,,Ustúpme!"

"Let us go then, you and I
When the evening is spread out against the sky
Like a patient etherized upon a table,
Let us go, through certain half-deserted streets,
The muttering retreats."

I lost you in the fire

8. listopadu 2013 v 19:57 Poems
I lost you in the fire

I lost you in the fire
of my burning desire
I thought love was pure
heavenly dignity
but twas just egoistic
for I wanted you to live
for eternity

Two quatrains about men and pleasure

8. listopadu 2013 v 19:56 Poems
About a certain man
I thought you were unique
the one of the special species
But one can have as many "you"
as heart pleases.

Tragedy of treasure seeking

There's fretful misery
in seeking treasure
and finding nought
but pleasure

Love is...

8. listopadu 2013 v 19:51 Poems
Love is...

Love's when the waking Sun
hugs my cold sick body
and lights up the pale green field


8. listopadu 2013 v 19:50 Poems
I wanted...!
The darkness
to be visible like rain
dropping on the window pane
Now I want...!
the others
to see the sheer darkness
dwelling in me.


8. listopadu 2013 v 19:48 Poems

I am heartsick and insane,
confined to a lonliness of self.
I wanna scream and shout,
cry my heart out,
touch your eyebrows
stroke your hair
kiss your skin leaf-bare
and say:
dying's soft and tender
in its way