Květen 2014

La danse

14. května 2014 v 21:11 Poems
La danse

Distance made the heart grow fonder,
though it's not over the ocean,
my old flame yonder.

In the dark

11. května 2014 v 12:40 Poems
In the dark

In the dark
as a little child
I stretch out my hands
for you
as for the mother's touch.

With eager hope
and tears of fear
toiling on my knees
I struggle
to get closer.

I stretch out my hands;
missing you,
feeling void,
(of a lost-dead bliss)
I fall into the abyss.

Wind visible

11. května 2014 v 12:36 Poems
Wind visible

If human sight could see eddies of wind,
we would shiver before the cool touch
on our naked skin.

Kde sa vzal?

11. května 2014 v 12:35 Básne
Kde sa vzal?

Kde sa vzal,
tu sa vzal.
Čo sa dalo,
to si vzal.
Čo mi dal?
Nárek vášňou
kol krku mi uviazal.

Jarný deň (2013)

11. května 2014 v 12:28 Básne
Jarný deň (2013)

Na nebíčku ani mrak.
Piča v čiernych legínach
po chodníčku chodila.
Pod nohy mi, -
- radosť veľká,
horiaci špak hodila.


11. května 2014 v 12:26 Poems

I love darkness, shadows, linings of night
I love sun, day ray, places of light
I love bastards, saints, blue eyes and brown
I love sunsets, moonrise, twilights and dawn.

Bad mood

11. května 2014 v 12:20 Poems
Bad mood

I help to kill
beautiful trees.
I waste my life -
- a glass of piss.


11. května 2014 v 12:17 Básne

Obrazy na stene
s tapetou sú zrastené
Zves obraz -
- roztrhneš spomienku


11. května 2014 v 12:08 Poems

Silver on me
Silver in town
Silver in the lake
Silver in the river
Silver on the clouds
from which rain cries down
Silver on the pavements
on which I walk
Silver on my tongue
by which I talk
Silver on me

No big deal

11. května 2014 v 12:07 Poems
No big deal

A pond's still
You've lost me
It's no big deal
i am a little fish
a mayfly
I'll diminish


11. května 2014 v 12:06 Poems

Come back
and pick up
all the broken pieces
Take a glue
Make an old vase
Let it stand
on the table
Go to your garden
cut the most beautiful
fill it with water
fill it with colors
however vain
and let me smile
at you


11. května 2014 v 11:47 Poems
(O, soul no. 4)

I finally understand you, soul
For your dreams being marred
you need to go.

Anything just to make you happy again

11. května 2014 v 11:43 Poems
Anything just to make you happy again
(O, soul no.3)

O, soul!
What have I done to us again
to make you feel so sad?

Did I treat you bad?
Did I give you little food?
Did I keep you low in mood?
Did I take away your good?

Was I mischievous, horny, corny?
Overt, covert, mad or phony?
Was I cold at heart?
Just tell me
and I'll try hard
I'll give you everything
Little music, love or art?

I'll play till I choke
I'll sleep till I come to death
I'll listen till I'm deaf
I'll dance till I break my neck
I'll love till I become wreck
I'll read till my eyes go blind
I'll search the whole world through
till I find what hadn't been found
just to give it to you

A poignant wish

11. května 2014 v 11:25 Poems
A poignant wish

- A poignant wish -
Every night and day,
morning and evening,
every dawn and dusk
and midday and noon
(regardless of the Sun or the Moon)
it's always the same:
- A poignant wish -
utterly vain.

At the Ticket Office

1. května 2014 v 15:12 Poems
At the Ticket Office

- Please, one return ticket to the past-
-Would you like to change it or make it last?-
-Neither, ma'm. I'd like to remember better
how it had passed-